Silicon Valley Security & Patrol, Inc. brings up-to-date information to our security teams at your site. Our system provides clients with details of past incidents including who, what, when, and where. This allows us to focus your officer's attention and bring a higher level of security to your facility and employees.

By investigating all suspicious activity and maintaining an increased level of communication with our clients, SVSP, Inc. has been successful in building security programs that can be customized for any industry. Using our SMART technology, we have the resources to audit your officers in a timely manner and supply users with real-time reports allowing them to make informed decisions.

By allowing SVSP, Inc. to build a cost-effective security program tailored to your industry, you will save time, money, and have a better understanding of what is happening in your facility at all times. SVSP, Inc. will construct a program detailed to your needs including:

  • CCTV and card access system monitoring
  • Gate access control
  • Health and safety enforcement
  • Employee and inventory checks
  • Safety and security inspections

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"I'm so glad that I have SVSP, Inc. looking after my facility. The team that they have built is the best – always reliable and always professional. Hands-on management and supervisor is second to none, and it's a company that I trust to make sure my facility is safe and secure."

John Halliwell
Facilities Manager
ECS Refining